Some commonly asked questions…

How can I see a band play before I book?

We all lead busy lives, and we understand that it is sometimes not possible for you to attend one of our bands’ public performances. Because we realise this, Band Circus have launched a solution to viewing the acts without having to travel to see them. On our site we have video clips of the artists performing live. In our experience, this is the best way for you to get a taste of our acts performing (virtually) firsthand. This is also particularly useful if your act of choice is located further afield or booked up with private functions, as this is a fabulous way of seeing and hearing exactly what you will get when you book them.

How do I secure a band booking?

Our policy is to contract every booking. Therefore, when you decide to book a band we will send you a booking form and use this to compile a contract. This contract agrees the terms that we have negotiated with you and the artist, which we sign as the booking agent and you sign as the client.

At this point we take a deposit of 20%, after which your booking is secure.

We send a separate contract to the artist to commit them to the agreed dates, fees and other details.

Why use Band Circus?

We have been operating in this industry for several years, during which time we have built up a great working relationship with the bands that we represent.

Our constant and thorough research of the industry means that you can rest assured that we have sourced the artists and put them in one place for you to find. We have very high submission standards, and only accept a very small percentage of those who ask to register with us.

As an agency, we want to make your using us is worth your while. In order to ensure this we provide you with:

  1. An easy-to-navigate website that has as many multimedia features as possible to enable you to choose and review acts of your choice.
  2. Great product knowledge of the bands and services on offer.
  3. Proven ability to negotiate fees for bands on your behalf to get you the best deal.
  4. Industry standard contracts and invoices to give you peace of mind.
  5. Outstanding aftersales service.
  6. Liaising with you and the band about your needs and expectations.
  7. Aftersales feedback, so we can help to improve our service for others.

What kind of acts do you provide?

We can provide any genre of music. Even if it isn’t on our list, we have a very large bank of artists that we can call on to supply you with exactly what you need, so please do tell us what you’re after and we will do all we can to provide it for you.

How can I find a cheap live band?

Everyone is on a budget, and there are loads of ways to keep the cost of live entertainment down. Visit our article band hire on a budget.
Can we see a list of songs that they will play?

On each band profile we have a file that can be downloaded (or provided to you on request) listing all the songs in a given band’s repertoire.

Will they learn songs that are not on their playlist?

Many bands will learn a song for you if they have the time to rehearse it and do it justice. Some artists already know these songs but haven’t played them on their set for a while, so do please ask.
How do I book a band with a difference?

Band Circus prides itself on providing a great mix of musical talent, and actively seeks out artists with an edge either in their repertoire or through their performance.

(If this is what you are looking for then let us know as we have some wonderful bands that are a closely guarded secret!)

What are the payment terms, and what are the booking terms of a band?

After the initial 20% deposit has cleared, and your booking is secure, the balance isn’t due until the performance and goes directly to the artist. This is all laid out within the booking terms on your contract.

How long does it take a band to set up?

Depending on the size of the act and how easy it is for the artist to load in the equipment, an average set up time would be between one and one and a half hours.

How do we pay the balance of a band?

Unless otherwise agreed, the band will require their payment after the performance either by cash or cheque. We specify this at the contract stage for you.
Can you provide us a DJ or music in between the sets?

As part of our negotiation process, we include the band quote with CD/iPod music in between and up to 45 mins as standard, therefore eliminating the need for a DJ, although many bands also provide a DJ option should you require it.

Alternatively, most bands are happy for you to play your own choice of music from CD/iPod through their system. This again is specified at contract stage.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover all genres, and subject to availability and price, our acts can cover all locations throughout the USA